Meet Andy

Meet Andy Wolfendon.


Andy’s path to writing books was a winding one.

His first creative loves were music and acting. In his mid-twenties he joined with an old college friend to write, produce, and perform a traveling comedy act. It was then he discovered he enjoyed the writing part more than the performing and earned his master’s in professional writing at Emerson College.

For several years he wrote screenplays and then fell into the videogame industry, right around the time game scripts were becoming rich and complex enough to require actual writers. After an enjoyable career in games, Andy finally came around to working on his very first love—books—and has never looked back.

Andy lived most of his life in New England and loves the seacoast but has made the desert southwest his home for the past several years.

Andy has two amazing daughters, Phelan and Quinn, and lives happily with his wife Karen in Arizona. The seacoast is calling, though, and won’t be put off forever.